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4 steps to a professional LinkedIn profile

Posted by Kevin Brady on Jan 3, 2018 2:44:03 PM

LinkedIn is more than a social tool.  It has become the go-to place on the web to find out information about professionals. Buyers, sellers, mentors, recruits... LinkedIn is where it all starts.


LinkedIn offers a comprehensive guide to setting up your account. The first four stood out to us as being quick wins and adding the highest value to your profile:

  • Personal photo NoDogPhotos.png

Wear acceptable work clothes against a solid background, not a picture of you and your dog, or you on the ski slopes.

  • Background photo 
Display something related to the company you work for (products, a work environment, a picture copied your company’s website).
  • Headline 
Write your skills and expertise, not your job title.  For mine, I have Inbound Marketing | Hubspot Partner | Sales Enablement even though my job title may be VP of Marketing or Chief Marketing Officer.
  • Description of your work 

Speak to what you do at the company in a narrative sense, not a list of bullets or just your title. For example: “I work with corporate sales reps every day to help them improve their close rate.”

Keep in mind to ask for connections and grow your network. This is important for your company’s content marketing program as it extends the reach extensively as you share content with your connection. Give yourself a goal of growing your professional network by 50% over the next 3 months.

For example: If you are an engineer, that means building out a network of other engineers, engineering managers and higher-level employees that served as mentors, people that you reported to, or senior management in organizations like the ones you have worked for. This shows credibility and experience and is important to back up your work life and education history in your profile.

Hubspot provides three guides for helping with LinkedIn - one for your business, one for networking, and one for simply improving your current profile. 

Kevin Brady

Written by Kevin Brady

Topics: B2B Digital Marketing, C-Suite

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