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How to define leads

Posted by Kevin Brady on Jan 29, 2018 2:31:49 PM

In many organizations, the primary focus of marketing is to create sales leads. The process seems simple – marketing conducts activities that generate awareness and identify prospects. Marketing turns over the information that they have gathered on prospects to a sales person, who follows up and makes a sale. It sounds easy, but rarely does it work that smoothly.


4 steps to a professional LinkedIn profile

Posted by Kevin Brady on Jan 3, 2018 2:44:03 PM

LinkedIn is more than a social tool.  It has become the go-to place on the web to find out information about professionals. Buyers, sellers, mentors, recruits... LinkedIn is where it all starts.


3 basic metrics to improve your traffic reports

Posted by Charles Elmer on Jan 3, 2018 2:39:21 PM

Hubspot measures traffic in three basic metrics: page views, visits and sessions. Let's dive into how to define each one. By the end of this blog post, you should be able to distinctly tell the difference between all three of these metrics.


4 Key Performance Indicators that measure inbound success

Posted by Charles Elmer on Jan 3, 2018 2:37:50 PM

"A marketer cannot live on metrics alone..."


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